Delphi, the elegant dress boots with stitched toecap. The wide size range guarantees a well-fitted and polished look, comfort combined to Italian design. The rear elastic panel ensures full freedom of movement and extra breathability while the innovative E-tex material protects the inner calf, guarantees extreme wear resistance and ideal grip performances. Technical mesh lining features moisture wicking properties.

Delphi Ego7 foot provides the ultimate shock absorption thanks to the double insole, antibacterial and moisture wicking, with odour control properties. The hand-sewn rubber outsole, ensures stability and secure grip to the stirrup. While certified YKK zips ensure superior resistance and durability. The boots construction, light and flexible, combines sport to alluring Italian design. 

Boots cleaning & maintenance

Technical specs

Grip sole

The innovative hand-sewn rubber sole ensures a secure grip to the sturrup, suited fo all kinds of terrain, it allowes a quick release of the foot in case of a fall.

Breathable foot bed and anti shoke insole

The combination of the cowhide footbed and the second sole made from antibacterial polyurethane highly absorbent and breathable. Itam intains the natural balance of the skin at any level of activity, naturally fights bacteria avoiding excessive and unpleasant proliferation and guarantees ultimate shock absorption.

Leather lining

The cowhide used for the lining are drumdyed, a finishing process without coatoing or pigmentation that ensures softness, absorbency and superior durability plus it beautifully burnishes with use.

Back flap

The cleaver padded leather flap helps guide your foot into the boot making it easy and quick to wear while protecting both heel and back zipper.

Extra strong zipper

EGO 7 use an extra-strong zipper with double-stitched seams to increase water resistance. The zipper closes to the top with a leather snap keeper to create a finished look.

Breathable elastic band

It provides extra comfort and eases the leg movements while riding: it combines comfort and deisgn, light and flexible, it allows the boot to stretch where and when in need, encourages a correct heels-down position and guarantees a perfect fit.

Full grain leather

We only use the best quality materials, cow hide dyed to show the natural texture of the leather that beautifies whit use and it is the only leather good enough fo Ego7 products. Ego7 boots have double-stitched seans along all stress lines to increase wear resistance.


The most innovative Hi tech material. It poairs genuine leather appearance and feel while it ensures improved resistance (up to 60% more) to instensive use and wear thanks to the superior mechanical strength, flexing endurance and tear resistance, keeping aesthetic features unaltered. It guarantees perfect feeling and contact with both saddle and horse. It is antibacterial, water resistant, eco-friendly and 30% lighter than real leather.

Ready-to-wear size system

The wide choice of sizes gurarantess the most personalized service thanks to 192 different combinations. Ego7 boots fit like a pair of made-to-measure boots and offer superior freedom of movement with no production wait time.


Sophisticated details, captivating line, 100% designed in Italy, manufactured under strict quality standards, with innovative materials  and technology procedures, conceived to guarantee the mosta amazing fit.


Clean your riding boots with a damp cloth. Horse sweat, mud etc. are very aggressive for leather and should be removed at all times. The leather should be moisturized using EGO7 boot cream to maintain elasticity and wear resistance. Leather boots need to dry after being worn and stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place always away from direct heat or sunlight to avoid cracks and stiffness.

EGO7 boot cream leather conditioner also provides surface protection from external aggressive agents, maintains an ideal moist and beauty of the material. Apply the EGO7 boot cream carefully, make sure to cover the entire leather surface using a brush, wait a few minutes and polish with a wool cloth. Insert boot trees to ensure that the boots maintain their original shape.

Use the practical inflatable boot trees supplied to keep them in perfect shape.

Zip Maintenance

Help the zip closure with your fingers when you wear them for the first few times without
forcing or pulling too much to avoid excessive strain.

Always make sure the riding boots zipper is fully open when you put on/off your boots, you can use the practical inside flap to wear them. 

The zipper cleaning is an important point, if there is dirt like grease or sweat this could prevent the normal zip closing/opening and it might eventually split or suddenly brake.

Also make sure your clothes or anything else do not get stuck in the zipper mechanism.