Accessible exclusivity​

EGO7 was born to become the number one equestrian sport brand, able to stand out, a leading company in progress and performance. Our mission is to strengthen our commitment to an innovative concept of accessible exclusivity, always reaffirming its absolute uniqueness. We are competitive and rigorous especially with ourselves, we love the challenge and we aim for excellence. We have made innovation an art, developed a seductive and performing design, we are a new concept of accessible exclusivity. We are knights like you, dynamic, we never stop. We are young, eclectic and creative, now and forever. We need security to be able to excel, and that’s what we offer, the certainty of being the best. Our combination is made of many facets that balance. Everyone must express himself in his own way, outside the rules but in the same way in line, to finally become one, in connection with himself and the horse. Closing our eyes, listening to us in the deepest, we feel the beat of our heart. The two halves work independently, double and complete, we can finally reach our EGO.

Ready-to-wear tailor made Styled to endure your passion

It is performed to enchant the audience. Whether it’s a dressage class, jumping the obstacles, galloping the cross-country course or finally arriving at the stables to enjoy your ride, EGO7 aims to be the ideal companion for every rider. It has to fit perfectly to guarantee full freedom of movement, comfort and beautiful aesthetics. Innovation and technology provide durability, high performances combined to impeccable Italian design and quality standards. Each part is elegantly conceived to be stylish, functional and comfortable adapting to all disciplines.



Clean your riding boots with a damp cloth. Horse sweat, mud etc. are very aggressive for leather and should be removed at all times. The leather should be moisturized using EGO7 boot cream to maintain elasticity and wear resistance. Leather boots need to dry after being worn and stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place always away from direct heat or sunlight to avoid cracks and stiffness.

EGO7 boot cream leather conditioner also provides surface protection from external aggressive agents, maintains an ideal moist and beauty of the material. Apply the EGO7 boot cream carefully, make sure to cover the entire leather surface using a brush, wait a few minutes and polish with a wool cloth. Insert boot trees to ensure that the boots maintain their original shape.

Use the practical inflatable boot trees supplied to keep them in perfect shape.

Zip Maintenance

Help the zip closure with your fingers when you wear them for the first few times without
forcing or pulling too much to avoid excessive strain.

Always make sure the riding boots zipper is fully open when you put on/off your boots, you can use the practical inside flap to wear them. 

The zipper cleaning is an important point, if there is dirt like grease or sweat this could prevent the normal zip closing/opening and it might eventually split or suddenly brake.

Also make sure your clothes or anything else do not get stuck in the zipper mechanism.