Air Gloves


Black 100

Ego7 AIR Gloves combine top technology with a feminine and extremely functional design. They are made of highly abrasion-resistant, superior vegan leather that provides maximum grip and suppleness. Critical seams are double-stitched for extra durability. The precious branded metal logo flap fastener across the front of the hand, the elastic material and elasticated wrist ensures a snug, individual fit. The netlike fabric on the back of the hand adds a glamourous touch and maximize breathability. 

AIR gloves fit and feel like a second skin, with reinforced patches on the rein area, they guarantee protection and resistance. Thanks to the innovative touch screen technology, they are cell phone compatible, perfect for daily use in schooling, training, competing and pleasure riding. You will love the top quality materials and Italian design. EGO7 Action gloves are machine washable at 30 degrees, allow them to dry naturally, do not let them dry near any direct heat. Never brush or scrub. The glove color may bleed slightly if washed at temperature above 30 C.

Protect from direct light, heat and moist. Store in a cool and dry place

Technical specs

Strong grip
Touchscreen Compatible


Clean your riding boots with a damp cloth. Horse sweat, mud etc. are very aggressive for leather and should be removed at all times. The leather should be moisturized using EGO7 boot cream to maintain elasticity and wear resistance. Leather boots need to dry after being worn and stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place always away from direct heat or sunlight to avoid cracks and stiffness.

EGO7 boot cream leather conditioner also provides surface protection from external aggressive agents, maintains an ideal moist and beauty of the material. Apply the EGO7 boot cream carefully, make sure to cover the entire leather surface using a brush, wait a few minutes and polish with a wool cloth. Insert boot trees to ensure that the boots maintain their original shape.

Use the practical inflatable boot trees supplied to keep them in perfect shape.

Zip Maintenance

Help the zip closure with your fingers when you wear them for the first few times without
forcing or pulling too much to avoid excessive strain.

Always make sure the riding boots zipper is fully open when you put on/off your boots, you can use the practical inside flap to wear them. 

The zipper cleaning is an important point, if there is dirt like grease or sweat this could prevent the normal zip closing/opening and it might eventually split or suddenly brake.

Also make sure your clothes or anything else do not get stuck in the zipper mechanism.