Short Boots

Ego7 Taurus

EGO7 Taurus, the short leather boots with a modern design, front zipper and elegant stitched toe cap: innovation combined with Italian high-end style. Thanks to the lateral elastic panels and back padded cushions these paddock boots guarantees freedom of movement, breathability and a perfect slim-fit. EGO7 field boots are practical, comfortable and easy to put on, they beautifully follow the foot silhouette and guarantee extreme wear resistance. EGO7 paddock boots matched with EGO7 Lyra half chaps, are perfect for everyday activities at the stable, the captivating Italian design is just another reason to wear them all day and state your superior style taste!

Taurus Ego7 paddock boot side view
Taurus Ego7


EGO7 hunter boots are available in various sizes with a wide choice of combinations for sharp, well-fitted and elegant style: you can measure your calf height and widths and choose yours depending on your leg conformation, they will fit you just like a bespoke pair of boots. Please check our size chart to find your perfect pair of riding boots.

Size chart
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