Tall riding boots

Ego7 Orion

EGO7 Orion, tall riding boots with a modern design and high-end style, lace-up jumping boots made from full grain leather with elastic laces detail and extra-soft leather front. All EGO7 models have a rear elastic band. This ensures maximum comfort, freedom of movement and a glove-like, made-to-measure fit -and look- to any calf, together with extreme wear resistance and easy care of the innovative E-tex material. The full-length panel protects effectively the inner calf and guarantees a perfect contact with the horse.

Orion Ego7 ride boot side view
Orion Ego7 stivali
Orion Ego7 stivali vista posteriore


EGO7 hunter boots are available in various sizes with a wide choice of combinations for sharp, well-fitted and elegant style: you can measure your calf height and widths and choose yours depending on your leg conformation, they will fit you just like a bespoke pair of boots. Please check our size chart to find your perfect pair of riding boots.

Size chart
ORION or the hunter is one best-known and recognizable constellations in the night sky and the mythological figure of the famous giant hunter. Orion literally dominates the celestial equator armed with bow, arrows and sword, accompanied by his hunting dogs, he fights beasts in the wooded mountains and strike with his weapons.