Mini Chaps

Ego7 Lyra

EGO7 Lyra half chaps, comfort and modern design combined. EGO7 half chaps are crafted of smooth, highest quality leather with E-tex panel and double-elastic gusset along the rear zipper for extreme wear-resistance. The full-length elastic band eases fitting and stretches when needed while riding and enhances ventilation and breathability. The front elastic design is a smart solution to provide additional freedom of movement the extra-strong foot guard ensure the snug fit and flexibility. The Italian design follows the elegant calf silhouette for a comfortable and seductive skin-tight result.


EGO7 Lyra mini-chaps are available in various sizes, depending on your leg conformation, choose among the wide choice of different sizes. For a sharp, elegant style pair the chaps with EGO7 short boots Taurus or Lybra, find your perfect match! Italian design, innovative materials combined with functional solutions and style, EGO7 Lyra mini chaps are your ultimate equestrian equipment!

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