I’m galloping across a bare landscape opening up to a feeling of evasion. My eyes scan the infinite horizon where sea and sky become one. In a moment of complete isolation, I escape reality. I am at peace with myself, I look straight into the eyes of my ego’s reflection. I live breaking the mould, without restrictions, beyond limits. I am the EGO7 rider.


I get into a meditative state, I shift into a new space to discover my ego. I expect only the best performances, innovation functionality and impeccable design to get to the top. The sleek line of my shined boots defines my look. Here I am, preparing for the challenge, a ritual leading me towards my triumph.


I hear footsteps in the stable’s hallway, a kind welcome breath, a caress, the mutual respect, the renewed alliance: I already know that our heartfelt bond will let us succeed any challenge. The glistening coat groomed to perfection, the smell of polish, the braided mane between my fingers, the rigor and discipline. I can hear the crowd, this is my moment. Here I am on stage, where I exceed myself in a fierce battle, my ego enters the scene.


In a rush to forge ahead and go beyond. Speeding to achieve the top, to exceed and start all over again. The glorious day does not fade in the red sky shades: sealed into the depths of my ego, it reflects a new awareness. I do not waste my time I take the road that leads to new heights to conquer.