Sport is the strive to excel, the dedication and discipline that it demands, it is the inner change we look for.

Design innovation

We believe a product has to satisfy certain needs, not only functional but also emotional. Aesthetic quality is part of the functionality of a product, it makes us feel better and improves our well-being. The beautiful cut of EGO7 riding boots is a quality the designer has chosen to promote, is about comfort as about style and function, and about of how we feel in our clothing. Technical excellence matched with exquisite Italian design mighty enough to satisfy your vanity.

Material technology

E-tex beautiful reliably, long lasting strength. Hi-tech material, handcrafted manufacturing, made with the most innovative leather tanning techniques applied to textiles. E-tex has been created to pair genuine leather: technology excellence, stylistic and performance research to achieve E-tex exceptional innovation. Water repellent, antibacterial, 30% lighter and eco-friendly, it looks and feels like genuine leather and guarantees superior mechanical resistance. It is not an alternative, it is an eco-friendly choice of life. It is highly appreciated as a reinforcement as highly tearing resistant material. E-tex is mainly used for every point where maximum strength and dimensional stability are required incredibly soft with an extremely smooth and velvety surface.