Boots care

We guarantee our products superior strength, however, some simple precautions will make your EGO7 riding boots last even longer:

Leather is a living material!

Many environmental factors might have a negative impact on leather, this is why regular and proper care is so important. Your riding boots should be cleaned with a damp cloth. Horse sweat, mud etc. are very aggressive for leather and should be removed at all times.

The leather should be moisturized using EGO7 boot cream to maintain elasticity and wear resistance. Leather boots need to dry after being worn and stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place always away from direct heat or sunlight to avoid cracks and stiffness.

EGO7 boot cream leather conditioner also provides surface protection from external aggressive agents, maintains an ideal moist and beauty of the material. Apply the EGO7 boot cream carefully, make sure to cover the entire leather surface using a brush, wait a few minutes and polish with a wool cloth. Insert boot trees to ensure that the boots maintain their original shape.

Use the practical inflatable boot trees supplied to keep them in perfect shape.

EGO7 riding boots have extra strong zippers!

We like to compare them to your car tire to help you understand some mechanical issues. The lifespan of zippers mainly depend on how you “treat” them, just like your car tire conditions depend on the type of driving you are doing, the road conditions and how much you drive, for this we have some extra advice for you:

  • We suggest you to help the zip closure with your fingers when you wear them for the first few times without forcing or pulling too much to avoid excessive strain.
  • Always make sure the riding boots zipper is fully open when you put on/off your boots, you can use the practical inside flap to wear them.
  • The zipper cleaning is an important point, if there is dirt like grease or sweat this could prevent the normal zip closing/opening and it might eventually split or suddenly brake.
  • Also make sure your clothes or anything else do not get stuck in the zipper mechanism.

We cannot say if this will ever happen to you but we can guarantee you that the pleasure in owning a pair of EGO7 will only increase over time and we thank you in advance for your care and attention.