Heels down importance

Heels down importance

Posted by Ego7 | 1 giugno 2017

Next time you ride notice what happens to your heels. Are they above, at, or below the level of your stirrup? How much weight is on your toes? What happens when you shorten your stirrups? Do you stiffen all over trying to keep your heels where they belong? Do you feel unsteady no matter how hard try?

Try to get your heels lower. Then your position will be perfect.” They say

Despite the discomfort, we push those heels down.This requires a long-term commitment to changing the way your body moves, you need to develop suppleness through your joints and tendons. You simply cannot force the joints and tendons to position themselves

An excellent example of a “light seat” over ground poles. Notice these riders’ solid, flat back, the crisp angles at the elbow , hip, knee, and ankleh. The rider’s weight is sinking into the heel without jamming the lower leg forward. The ankle is well placed under the hip with buttocks back in the saddle counterbalancing the angle of the upper body, which is correctly inclined forward from the hip. Eyes are looking forward because the base of support is solid.

Reasons why you should work for it:


The biggest reason that the average rider needs to be able to keep their heels down is that it will help to keep them safe. One of the sensations we try to develop in riders is that of a lower center of gravity


“heels down = weight down”  a downed heel keeps the rider in the saddle when sudden moves occur. Letting your weight fall down into your heels allows you to stay relaxed and lets your leg sit against your horse more comfortably, effectively and securely


The leg is trained to be longer and steadier which helps the rider use weight and leg aids better

These aspects keep the door open for forward progress

correct dressage position

Ideal position is sitting with your ear, shoulder, hip and heel in a perfect vertical line.

  • Make sure your stirrups are the correct length. You’ll want the bottom of the stirrup to be even with your ankle bone when you are mounted with your legs hanging free. Too long and you will be reaching with your toes for the stirrups. Too short and you may feel cramped and inclined to jam your heel down.

Yes, dressage and jump riders may lengthen or shorten their stirrups

Make sure you are wearing comfortable riding footwear. Stiff boots or half-chaps that bunch or pinch over the front of your ankle may make it uncomfortable to drop your heel. This is why you need to get your EGO7. Thanks to infinite different sizes available you will get exactly what you need. The breathable elastic band guarantees the made to measure fit and maximum comfort. EGO7 riding boots are the perfect choice to allow you to perform at you best!

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