E-tex innovation, beautiful sturdy functionality

E-tex innovation, beautiful sturdy functionality

Posted by Ego7 | 14 dicembre 2016

We love horses, our stables, the local equestrian center that eventually will turn to be our second home. We were born this way, we love this life, which may appear fancy, and fashion and yes sometimes it is. The girls love bling-bling here and there we all fancy being surrounded by nice people enjoying champagne seating in the VIP lounge…

But believe me when I say this is not the ordinary situation for most riders. The sparkles we like are of the results we achieve, gained staying at the barn until late, hard work: clean-ride-clean-repeat.


This is pure luxe. Our passion towards horses and horse riding won’t leave us, honestly will you ever get bored or tired? NO! However there are other things that will wear out along the way. Boots for instance… EGO7 is a young brand with many years of experience behind and we made an extensive research to find the perfect solutions for riders: a material that looks and feels like genuine leather but that is not affected by aging, long-lasting and that maintains its softness independently from the exposition to high temperature or very cold climate, breathable and water repellent at the same time…


Does it exist? Well, yes and it is called E-TEX, one third lighter than genuine leather, it has very high mechanical properties, outstanding strength, tear resistance and flexing endurance, it happens to be “just” 60% more resistant than genuine leather.  Hi-tech material, handcrafted manufacturing, made with the most innovative leather tanning techniques applied to textiles. E-tex has been created to pair genuine leather: technology excellence, stylistic and performance research to achieve E-tex exceptional innovation. Antibacterial and eco-friendly, it looks and feels like genuine leather while it guarantees superior mechanical resistance.

E-TEX It is not an alternative, it is a choice of life.


Did you choose your EGO7?

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