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The quest of what is universe and its origin is at the root of our consciousness as human being.

For thousands of years, humans have looked up at the night sky, intrigued by the motion, manner, and nature of the stars, trying to understand, foresee events, planning and tracking life paths depending on what the universe was telling us. We believed it help achieve success in life and give accurate answers, warn us of dangers projecting a future scenario.

The rise of Aristotelian geocentric cosmology – and geocentric view – is strictly connected with Western culture, where the Earth was the center of the universe and the orbits of the planets were perfect circles. Many centuries later Catholics were still claiming that the Earth was the motionless center of all celestial bodies. Every religion tried to build a metaphor but every religious myth has limits. Cosmology and astronomy fused, then science provided clearer explanations. Nowadays we know that Earth is not at the center, that the Universe started with a “Big Bang” about 14 thousand million years ago and has been expanding ever since. Maybe.
But how? And shouldn’t it be infinite? Curved or is it flat and might terminate at a certain point?


The right answer could be that it is expanding infinitely, forever and ever in all directions. Just Like an explosion, where material expands out from a central point even if we need to consider that the Big bang was an explosion of space, not an explosion in space. Quantum theory, eventually led to consider that various possible universes exist (like also the multiverse or meta-universe theory). Even the separation between past, present, and future could only be an illusion. Highly recognized physicists, Einstein for instance, made similar conclusions toward a timeless perspective of the universe, as it appears evident that time is purely a direction in space. Hawking, writes of the no-boundary proposal, “The universe would neither be created nor destroyed. It would just BE”. Paradoxically, everyone observes their own path of time to be linear while everything is 3D.

[…By travelling in a straight line with respect to the Earth’s curvature one will eventually return to the exact spot he started from. The universe, at least in principle, might have a similar topology, if so, one might eventually return to one’s starting point after travelling in a straight line through the universe for long enough…]

Astronomers and physicists have no idea of what the exact answer is so far, and anyway trying to understand any of the theories mentioned above will break your brain for the entire day.

forse 3


Feeling puzzled? Go beyond.
Thinking about the future is thinking about your desires.
Etymologically De-sidere: de-negative prefix + sidere stars or ‘to note the absence of stars’ and hence the regret that the auguries were hidden, the desire to have them back on sight in order to con-sider and take control over your destiny depending on what the sky would predict.

“Above and beyond the stars”
What if we consider the possible Latin meaning “of the Father,” de-of sire-father, a strong feeling toward something already is and will always be within you.

In fact, there is scientific evidence that you are, in fact, the center of the universe. That is because, depending on how you interpret some key cosmological axioms, the center of the universe could be everywhere. It is your decision to desire and consider within the stars or literally explode and become the stars, to be what you really want to be.

Transcending previous notions of space, time, and even reality we can go anywhere, do anything. No past, no limits, and no rules. You are free to enjoy boundless opportunities, build situations and change the story. You are in charge, conquering life. You will never finish exploring, learning, or living. Your universe is infinite.

“Infinity (symbol: ∞) is an abstract concept describing something without any bound or larger than any number. This is what you are, the center of your universe, without limit or restrictions without beginning or end.”


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